The Rt. Hon. Sir John Major KG CH

Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1990-1997

1991Prime Minister (1990-1997)

Mr Major’s Message to Amnesty International – 28 December 1991

Below is the text of Mr Major’s message to Amnesty International on 28th December 1991 to mark the charity’s 30th anniversary.


I believe Amnesty can look over its first 30 years with great pride and perhaps particularly with pride at its Nobel Peace Prize in 1977.

Earlier this year when I went to China it was to Amnesty that I turned for a list of dissidents detained by the Chinese. As a result of those discussions some, a small number so far, but some, have now been released. I believe Amnesty can take much of the credit for that.

So I am delighted to be here on this programme, “The Big 30”, to congratulate Amnesty on its birthday. May it have many more.