The Rt. Hon. Sir John Major KG CH

Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1990-1997

1992Prime Minister (1990-1997)

PMQT Written Answers – 20 January 1992

Below is the text of the written answers relating to Prime Minister’s Question Time from 20th January 1992.



European Union

Mr. Tebbit : To ask the Prime Minister if he will set out the commitments of the United Kingdom under the declaration of the conference within article C of the provisions of a common foreign and security policy of the draft treaty on European union.

The Prime Minister : The declaration has no legally binding effect. It does not alter the fact that unanimous decisions will still require the unanimous support of all member states. It is similar to the provision in the Single European Act calling upon partners to refrain from impeding the formation of a consensus.

Mr. Tebbit : To ask the Prime Minister if, in relation to article E of the provisions of a common foreign and security policy of the draft treaty on European union with regard to matters coming within the common foreign and security policy, he will state within which international organisations and international conferences the United Kingdom will retain its own representation rather than be represented by the presidency of the European union.

The Prime Minister : The United Kingdom will retain the membership and representation in all international organisations and international conferences it enjoys at present.


Sir Basil Feldman

Mr. Alton : To ask the Prime Minister (1) when he last met Sir Basil Feldman on official business; and what subjects were discussed;

(2) how many times he has met Sir Basil Feldman in the last 12 months; and whether Sunday trading has been discussed.

The Prime Minister : My normal practice is to neither confirm nor deny whether meetings with private individuals have taken place.


Office Costs

Mr. Winnick : To ask the Prime Minister if he will give the cost of running his office in 1989, 1990 and 1991.

The Prime Minister : The cost in 1990-91 was £8,225,816. The cost in 1989-90 was £7,669,276.

Note : Salaries and wages, notional pension liability, administration costs, the costs of office services and the grant-in-aid to the Chequers Trust are included in the costs. The Prime Minister’s salary is excluded.


Businesses (Environmental Performance)

Mr. Robert G. Hughes : To ask the Prime Minister whether he has any proposals to recognise businesses who improve their environmental performance.

The Prime Minister : The Government’s environment White Paper “This Common Inheritance”, and last year’s first anniversary report on it stressed that all parts of society have a role to play in securing environmental improvements. This applies not least to business. The Government want to create the right conditions to encourage business to improve its environmental performance and to recognise and reward those businesses which rise successfully to the challenge. On my recommendation, Her Majesty the Queen has given her approval in principle to the introduction of a new Queen’s award for environmental achievement.

The new award will recognise product and process development which has major benefits for the environment and which is commercially successful. It will form part of the established Queen’s awards scheme alongside business awards for export and technology achievement. It is planned that applications will be sought in June and that the first environment awards will be made on the Queen’s birthday on 21 April 1993.

The addition of environment achievement to the Queen’s awards builds on the pioneering work of the Royal Society of Arts whose better environment awards for industry have led the way and generated invaluable experience in awards for business in the environmental field. The RSA plans to continue activity in this area in a way which will complement the new Queen’s award.


Lord Lieutenants

Mr. William Powell : To ask the Prime Minister if he will list the lord lieutenants with the dates of their appointment and expected retirement.

The Prime Minister : A list of lord lieutenants, together with the dates of their appointment and expected retirement, is set out in the table.

County |Lord-Lieutenant |Date of Appointment |Date of Retirement



Avon |Sir John Wills, TD FRICS JP |April 1974 |July 2003

Bedfordshire |Samuel Whitbread, Esq |January 1991 |February 2012

Berkshire |John Henderson, Esq, CVO OBE |June 1989 |May 1995

Buckinghamshire |Commander, The Hon. John Fremantle, RN (Retd.) JP |September 1984 |January 2002

Cambridgeshire |Michael Bevan, Esq |August 1985 |August 2001

Cheshire |William Bromley Davenport, Esq. JP |June 1990 |March 2010

Cleveland |The Lord Gisborough, TD |March 1981 |July 2002

Cornwall |The Viscount Falmouth |October 1977 |October 1994

Cumbria |Sir Charles Graham, Bt |February 1983 |July 1994

Derbyshire |Colonel Peter Hilton, MC JP |January 1978 |June 1994

Devon |The Earl of Morley, JP |May 1982 |May 1998

Dorset |The Lord Digby, JP |September 1984 |July 1999

Durham |David Grant, Esq, CBE |April 1988 |January 1997

East Sussex |Admiral Sir Lindsay Bryson, KCB |November 1989 |January 2000

Essex |Admiral Sir Andrew Lewis, KCB JP |August 1978 |August 1992

Gloucestershire |Colonel Martin Gibbs, CB DSO TD JP |June 1978 |February 1992

Greater London |Field Marshall, The Lord Bramall, GCB OBE MC JP |January 1986 |December 1998

Greater Manchester |Colonel J B Timmins, OBE TD JP |December 1987 |June 2007

Hampshire |Sir James Scott, JP |December 1982 |October 1999

Hereford and Worcester |Captain Thomas Dunne, JP |July 1977 |October 2008

Hertfordshire |Simon Bowes Lyon, Esq, FCA |January 1986 |June 2007

Humberside |Richard Bethell, Esq |October 1983 |March 1997

Isle of Wight |The Lord Mottistone, CBE |August 1985 |December 1995

Kent |The Right Hon. Robin Leigh-Pemberton |August 1982 |January 2002

Lancashire |Dr. Simon Towneley |March 1976 |December 1996

Leicestershire |Timothy Brooks, Esq, JP |January 1989 |March 2004

Lincolnshire |Henry Nevile, Esq |November 1975 |March 1995

Merseyside |Henry Cotton, Esq |May 1989 |July 2004

Norfolk |Timothy Colman, Esq |March 1978 |September 2004

Northamptonshire |John Lowther, Esq, CBE JP |January 1984 |November 1998

Northumberland |The Viscount Ridley, TD |January 1984 |July 2000

North Yorkshire |Sir Marcus Worsley, JP |March 1987 |April 2000

Nottinghamshire |Sir Andrew Buchanan, Bt. |February 1991 |July 2012

Oxfordshire |Sir Ashley Ponsonby, MC |January 1980 |February 1996

Shropshire |John Dugdale, Esq |February 1975 |May 1998

Somerset |Lt. Col. Geoffrey Luttrell, MC JP |March 1978 |October 1994

South Yorkshire |Hugh Neill, Esq, CBE TD JP |May 1985 |March 1996

Staffordshire |Sir Arthur Bryan |July 1968 |March 1998

Suffolk |Sir Joshua Rowley, JP |March 1978 |December 1995

Surrey |Richard Thornton, Esq, OBE JP |May 1986 |October 1997

Tyne and Wear |Sir Ralph Carr-Ellison |July 1984 |December 2000

Warwickshire |The Viscount Daventry |February 1990 |December 1996

West Midlands |The Earl of Aylesford, JP |April 1974 |November 1993

West Sussex |The Duke of Richmond and Gordon |March 1990 |September 2004

West Yorkshire |The Lord Ingrow, OBE TD JP |May 1985 |August 1992

Wiltshire |Field Marshal, Sir Roland Gibbs, GCB CBE DSO MC |December 1989 |June 1996

Wales Clwyd |Sir William Gladstone, Bt. JP |August 1985 |October 2000

Dyfed |David Mansel Lewis, Esq, JP |February 1979 |October 2002

Mid Glamorgan |Murray McLaggan, Esq, JP |January 1990 |September 2004

South Glamorgan |Captain Norman Lloyd-Edwards |June 1990 |June 2008

West Glamorgan |Lt. Col. Sir Michael Llewellyn, Bt. |December 1987 |June 1996

Gwynedd |Meuric Rees, Esq |January 1990 |March 1999

Gwent |Richard Hanbury-Tenison, Esq, JP |June 1979 |January 2000

Powys |Mervyn Bourdillon, Esq, JP |July 1986 |August 1999


Highland region

Caithness |The Viscount Thurso |April 1973 |December 1997

Sutherland |Major General David Houston, CBE |November 1991 |February 2004

Ross and Cromarty |Captain Roderick Stirling, TD |February 1988 |June 2007

Inverness |Lt. Cdr. Lachlan Mackintosh of Mackintosh, OBE RN (Retd.) | September 1985 |June 2003

Nairn |The Earl of Leven and Melville |July 1969 |May 1999

Grampian region

Moray |Captain Sir Iain Tennant |January 1964 |March 1994

Banff |James McPherson, Esq, CBE |August 1987 |November 2002

Aberdeen County |Captain Colin Farquharson, FRICS |March 1987 |August 1998

Kincardine |The Viscount of Arbuthnott, CBE DSC |January 1977 |October 1999

Tayside region

Angus |The Right Hon. The Earl of Airlie, KT GCVO |June 1989 |May 2001

Perth and Kinross |Major Sir David Butter, KCVO MC |November 1971 |March 1995

Fife region

Fife |The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine |October 1987 |February 1999

Lothian region

West Lothian |The Earl of Morton |August 1985 |March 2002

Midlothian |Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, Bt CBE VRD FRSE JP |June 1972 |January 1992

East Lothian |Sir Hew Hamilton Dalrymple, Bt KCVO |November 1986 |April 2001

Central region

Clackmannan |The Earl of Mar and Kellie |September 1966 |February 1996

Stirling |Lt. Col. James Stirling, CBE TD FRICS |December 1983 |September 2005

Borders region

Peebles |Lt. Col. Aidan Sprot, MC |October 1980 |June 1994

Roxburgh |The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry |January 1974 |September 1998

Berwick |Major General Sir John Swinton, KCVO OBE JP |April 1989 |April 2000

Strathclyde region

Argyll |The Most Hon. The Marquess of Bute, JP |June 1990 |February 2008

Dunbarton |Brigadier Donald Hardie, TD JP |June 1990 |January 2011

Lanark |The Lord Clydesmuir, CB MBE TD |August 1963 |May 1992

Renfrew |Major David Crichton Maitland |November 1980 |September 2000

Ayrshire and Arran |Major Richard Henderson, TD |April 1991 |July 2006

Dumfries and Galloway region

Wigtown |Major Edward Orr Ewing |September 1989 |September 2006

Stewartry |Sir Michael Herries, OBE MC |March 1989 |February 1998

Dumfries |Captain Ronald Cunningham-Jardine |October 1991 |September 2006

Island areas

Orkney |Brigadier Malcolm Dennison |March 1990 |March 1999

Shetland |Magnus Shearer, Esq, JP |October 1982 |February 1999

Western Isles |The Earl of Granville, MC |March 1983 |December 1993

Northern Ireland


Antrim |Captain Richard Dobbs |April 1975 |April 1994

Armagh |The Earl of Caledon |March 1989 |May 2030

County Borough of Belfast |Colonel J Elliott Wilson, OBE JP |March 1991 |May 2000

Down |Colonel William Brownlow |January 1990 |August 1996

Fermanagh |The Earl of Erne |May 1986 |July 2012

Londonderry |Colonel Michael McCorkell, OBE TD |April 1975 |February 2000

County Borough of Londonderry |James Eaton, Esq, TD |January 1986 |August 2002

Tyrone |The Duke of Abercorn |December 1986 |July 2019