The Rt. Hon. Sir John Major KG CH

Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1990-1997


Mr Major’s Statement on ERM Paper Release – 4 February 2005

The text of Mr Major’s statement to the Press Association on the release of papers relating to the ERM, issued on 4th February 2005.


The Release of Papers related to the exit of Sterling from the ERM

I have seen Lord Lamont’s Press Release this afternoon with which I entirely concur.

In view of some wholly misleading Press Reports this morning I wish to make clear:

– I knew nothing of any request for Papers until late Wednesday evening (UK time) when I was in the US.
– I have asked for no delay of any kind: merely an opportunity to read the documents so that I might respond to questions post publication.
– At no point have I raised any objection to release of the content of the documents.
– At no point have I asked for publication to be blocked.
– When I am able to study the documents this weekend, I do not expect to request any deletions. In any event, deletions can only relate to areas set out in the FOI Act. Decisions upon this are for officials only – not former Ministers.

4th February 2005