Mr Major’s Written Question on Local Authorities Expenditure – 30 January 1980

Below is the text of Mr Major’s Parliamentary written question on Local Authorities Expenditure, published on 30th January 1980.

Mr. Major Asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he is satisfied with the result of his consultations over local authority capital expenditure controls.

Mr. John Townend Asked the Secretary of State for the Environment what consultations he has had with the local authority associations regarding capital expenditure controls.

Mr. Heseltine A consultation paper outlining the proposed capital expenditure controls was sent to the local authority associations on 27 October 1979. I have met the leaders of the local authority associations, and officials have also met to discuss the proposals. In the light of these discussions revised proposals have been incorporated in the Local Government Planning and Land (No. 2) Bill, and a further explanatory paper has now been sent to the local authority associations.