The Rt. Hon. Sir John Major KG CH

Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1990-1997

1993Prime Minister (1990-1997)

PMQT Written Answers – 29 November 1993

Below is the text of the written answers relating to Prime Minister’s Question Time from 29th November 1993.



Overseas Visits

Mr. Vaz : To ask the Prime Minister how many visits abroad he has made during 1993; and what was (a) the cost of each visit to public funds and (b) the purpose of each visit.

The Prime Minister : I have made 11 overseas visits involving 16 countries. The cost and purpose of each visit was as follows :

Destination |1993 |Purpose |Cost £


India |23-28 January |Republic Day Celebrations

Oman |28 January |Bilateral £179,512.00

Saudi Arabia |28 January |Bilateral

USA |23-25 February |Bilateral £46,696.00

Switzerland |5-6 April |Bilateral £7,246.00

Austria |6 April |Bilateral

France (Paris) |27-28 May |Bilateral £4,421.00

Denmark |20-22 June |European Council £11,690.00 <1>

Japan (Tokyo) |7-9 July |G7 Economic Summit £68,500.00 <1>

Sweden (Stockholm) |11-13 August |Bilateral £31,724.00

Portugal (Lisbon) |22-23 August |Bilateral £5,296.00

Japan |17-21 September |Bilateral

Malaysia |21-22 September |Bilateral £173,907.00

Monaco |23 September |Manchester 2000

Cyprus |21-25 October |CHOGM £43,873.00

Belgium (Brussels) |29 October |Special European Council £4,243.00

Germany (Bonn) |25 November |Bilateral Not yet available

<1> Costs also include those of the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.


Official Residences

Mr. Dowd : To ask the Prime Minister (1) what was the last year’s annual fuel bill for each of the official residences at his disposal; and out of which Government budget they were paid;

(2) if he will list the official residences at his disposal for the use of Ministers in the Government.

The Prime Minister : Fuel costs at Chequers, Dorneywood and Chevening are met by independently administered trusts. The cost of utilities at those parts of Nos. 10, 11 and 12 Downing Street used as residences, and of flats in Admiralty house, are not separately identifiable.


Ministers Abroad

Mr. Meacher : To ask the Prime Minister if he will publish in the Official Report the rules governing Ministers’ activities and conduct abroad.

The Prime Minister : Guidance covering Ministers’ visits overseas is contained in paragraphs 63-81 of “Questions of Procedure for Ministers”, a copy of which is available in the Library of the House.


Local Government

Mr. Gordon Prentice : To ask the Prime Minister what guidance he has given to the Minister for Local Government, the hon. Member for Skipton and Ripon (Mr. Curry), on the propriety of making public statements indicating his own preferred structure for local government for the area including his own constituency.

The Prime Minister : My hon. Friend the Minister for Local Government and Planning has the guidance given to all Government Ministers entitled “Questions of Procedure for Ministers”. My hon. Friend has made it clear that decisions on local government reorganisation affecting his constituency will be taken by other Government Ministers.


10 Downing Street

Mr. Tony Banks : To ask the Prime Minister if (a) Mr. John Latsir, (b) Mr. Y. K. Pao, (c) Mr. Octav Botnar and (d) Mr. Lika-Shing have attended functions at 10 Downing Street since 1980.

The Prime Minister : Yes, except, as far as I am aware, Mr. Botnar.


Irish Republic

Mr. Winnick : To ask the Prime Minister when he will next meet the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic.

The Prime Minister : I expect to meet the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic in December.


Legislation (Local Representatives)

Mr. Winnick : To ask the Prime Minister what is his policy on consulting and negotiations leading to agreement with local elected political representatives before undertaking legislation affecting each part of the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister : This will depend on the nature of the legislation in question.



Mr. Wells : To ask the Prime Minister what progress has been made by the Commonwealth mission on GATT in bringing forward a successful conclusion to the Uruguay round.

The Prime Minister [holding answer 25 November 1993] : I met members of the Commonwealth on 17 November at the end of their programme which included visits to Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, the United States, and Japan. The mission has brought home to the major participants in the negotiations that not only the developed world but a wide range of other countries have an interest in the success of the Uruguay round. The mission was able to speak on behalf of a third of the world’s nations and a quarter of the world’s people.

Mr. Alfred Morris : To ask the Prime Minister what further action he will be taking to assist the achievement of a successful outcome of the Uruguay round of GATT talks before the 15 December deadline; and if he will make a statement.

The Prime Minister [holding answer 25 November 1993] : Completion of the GATT Uruguay round by the 15 December deadline is currently the Government’s top trade priority. My colleagues and I take every opportunity to stress to Governments both within and outside the European Community the importance of a satisfactory conclusion, and the need for all parties to bring this about. We are also doing all we can to support the European Commission, which negotiates on behalf of the European Community.



Mr. Cox : To ask the Prime Minister what discussions he has had with the Prime Minister of Greece on the policies to be followed by the new Greek Government regarding Cyprus.

The Prime Minister [holding answer 25 November 1993] : None.


Commonwealth Games

Mr. Alfred Morris : To ask the Prime Minister what financial and other help from Her Majesty’s Government the city of Manchester can expect if its bid to host the Commonwealth games in 2002 is successful.

The Prime Minister [holding answer 26 November 1993] : The Commonwealth Games Council for England will decide next February whether an English bid will be made for the 2002 Commonwealth games. It would therefore be premature for me to comment on the nature or scale of Government support in advance of that decision.